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  • The Richard C Davis Pin Shoot is an annual event in Central Lake, Michigan to celebrate the heritage of those that protect our country.

    Richard Davis first had the idea for the event based on the notion that any military private or patrol officer could compete with their standard-issue service pistol. The event has now become a week-long gathering full of events, prizes, and all-around good times. Welcome to Pin Shoot!
The Pin Shoot 2022

2022 Event Dates

The next Pin Shoot is set to take place at Davis Range on June 13th - 17th, 2022. Online registration for Main & Optional Events is now open.
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The Gathering of Friends Old & New

The Venue

The Pin Shoot takes place at The Davis Range in Central Lake, Michigan. Home to our world-class shooting range with stadium-style seating.

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The Events

The Pin Shoot in Central Lake is the world's biggest and best competitive bowing pin shoot hosted by the inventor of bowling pin shooting and concealable soft body armor.

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The Prizes

The event prizes started out with Richard Davis giving away a .45 caliber handgun in the first pin shoot in 1975. Today’s prize table includes numerous firearms, ammo, and shooting accessories.

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The Area

Our hometown of Central Lake is located in Michigan's beautiful northwest lower peninsula. A charming midwest destination. See what we have to offer.

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Pin Shoot Events and Rules

The Main Events

Shooters are required to participate in at least one main event.
6 Tables, 5 Pins Each

5 Pin Stock Gun Event

Semi-automatic handguns with iron sights and a maximum barrel length of 5 inches or a revolver with iron sights and maximum barrel length of 8 3/4". Using a Stock gun competitors are limited to 8 rounds per gun to start but reload capacity is unlimited.
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6 tables, 5 pins each

5 Pin - Pin Gun Event

Same as Stock Guns but muzzle brakes and compensators are permitted.  There is no barrel length requirement for Pin Guns. Semi-automatic handguns or revolvers with iron sights and no barrel length requirement.
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6 Tables, 5 Pins Each

5 Pin - Space Gun Event

Same as Pin Guns but holographic / red dot optics are permitted. Semi-automatic handgun or revolver with no barrel length requirement.
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6 Tables, 5 Pins Each

5 Pin - Concealed Carry Event

Semi-automatic handgun or revolver with iron sights and a maximum barrel length of 4 inches.
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Extended Fun

Optional Event Series

Along with our core 5-Pin Main Events, we host a wide range of fun optional events for shooters to participate in.
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Online event registration is now open. Pick your events and get ready! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or call and we'd be glad to help you out.