2019 PIN SHOOT DATES – June 7th – 14th

We are all looking forward to all of you coming to the shoot. Some old Second Chance shooters are threatening to show up as are some of our old vendors. We will see. Here are some final notes as we get closer to the shoot.

The PCC event will be shot on the main range using the 9 mm set. It will be limited to 9mm, .40 and .45. Non magnified optics may be used. IE red dots, lasers.  1 sec. off for iron sights.

The .22 event will be shot with our guns and ammo. We will use a Ruger Precision .22 with a Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 BDC scope. Target ranges will be no further than 90 yards. Course will be approx. 20 plates using a Ruger BX 25 round mag. Guns will be sighted in. You will not have a chance to pre shoot the weapons. The range will be set up between the .223 and shotgun ranges.

The Spray and Pray will be on the machine gun pit range. Bruce will have a target set and you will use his gun and ammo.

The four play event will be on the far north range where it was last year. It will have some target changes, but the course will be much the same as last year. We will supply the sub gun and ammo.