Letter from El Supremo


Dear Pin Shooters,

It is a time of great rejoicing for the New Rebel Alliance (N.R.A.).  The evil Queen has been defeated!  But, before her downfall, she (for money) emailed Earth’s time-space portal information to the deadly Pinmen!!!  Rebel agents have learned that the Pinmen will attack Earth via the Central Lake portal June 9 to 16th, 2017.

This call goes out to all pin shooters, young and old alike, to blast the hordes of evil Pinmen and SAVE PLANET EARTH!!!

As in days of yore, there will be over 200 major prizes including loads of guns, a Mercedes Benz, gold coins, silver coins and chartered yachting trips captained by yours truly.

The trivia contest will also make its return and run the entire week while the timers are resetting pins.  A correct answer wins you a token prize and a chance on the final drawing of the Mercedes Benz.  Tickets are ‘earned’ not sold.  You also get 10 chances on the final drawing for finishing first, 9 for second, etc.  Only 3,000 tickets will be printed.

So join us, and help defeat the deadly Pinmen, save the planet, and have loads of fun!  I look forward to seeing you in June!



Richard C. Davis