Please mail your Shooters Registration to: Pin Shoot, P.O. Box 545, Central Lake, MI 49622

Who?  Open to all safe and competitive shooters. (You must be registered to be on the premises).

What?  The world’s original, biggest and best competitive bowling pin shoot hosted by the inventor of bowling pin shooting and concealable soft body armor.

Where?  Davis Acres, 3220 Muckle Road, Central Lake, MI  49622

Why?   So that shooters young and old can enjoy the incredible experience of attending a Richard Davis pin shoot.

Where should I mail my Shooters Registration?
Please mail your Shooters Registration to: Pin Shoot, P.O. Box 545, Central Lake, MI 49622

Will shoot participants be able to purchase ammo at the event?
The General Store will have ammo and other items for sale during the event.

Will the shoot take place at the old front range?
No.  Over $300,000 was invested into the NEW facilities on what was previously known as the “back range.”

How many pin tables will there be?
There are 9 pin tables and a new event called the Big Push which will require the use of .44 Mag – S&W 500 to be competitive.

How many 5 pin events will there be?
The 5 pin will still have Stock, Pin, Space and Concealed Carry events.

Will the 5 pin sets be the same as before?
The 5 pin sets are new and each 3 table series will have a different set.  Each set will also contain hostage pins.  If knocked over, these will cost competitors time.

What will the 5 Pin sets look like?
See the Event Rules for the 5 pin sets.

What events will the match have?
For more info see the events page.

How do I transfer firearms if I win a gun?
FFL transfers will take place on site.  If you have an FFL, bring a current copy of it.

I am flying in for the match.  Will I be able to ship guns in and out?
Yes.  Purple Isles Police Supply will handle all firearm transfers.  They will provide safe storage for the firearms once they arrive.  All firearms must arrive no later than May 31st.  Purple Isles Police Supply can be contacted at purpleisles@comcast.net.

How do the optional events work?
You can only shoot optional events on the front range after you have completed your 5 pin main event. In optional events only your single fastest time counts.  Second and third fastest times will be used as tie breakers.

Will you be accepting credit cards at the shoot?
Yes and ATM machines will be available in the nearby area (but not on the event site).

Are golf carts / ATV’s allowed?
Yes, for those who ride responsibly and obey the one-way traffic signs.  Ride at your own risk.

Are fireworks and/or explosives allowed?
NO!  Because of possible fire hazard, we will not allow fireworks and/or explosives.

What is the penalty for shooting a “hostage” pin?
A 5-second penalty will be added to your score if you shoot or tip over a hostage.

What are the OSS and MB classifications?
OSS or Ordinary Standard Shooter is your entry level classification. To obtain MB or Master Blaster classification, competitors must have achieved one 1st place finish in any event, two 2nd place finishes in any two events, or three 3rd place finishes in any three events.

What are the table dimensions?
For those who want to practice at home, the table dimensions are: 3 ½-feet x 15-feet; cut into three segments, each about 4-feet 7-inches wide. Pins to be knocked back three-feet to get off the tables. Except for the Big Push where the three pins need to be knocked back 14 ½-feet. The Shooter’s rail is 26-feet from the front edge of the table.

Can I use birdshot during the match?
No. Only approved shotgun ammo is allowed due to ricochet hazard. Use of bird shot or non-approved ammunition will result in disqualification from the event.

Please mail your Shooters Registration to: Pin Shoot, P.O. Box 545, Central Lake, MI 49622