Hello and thank you for registering for the Pin Shoot.  Please look through all the events and event rules below so you’re ready to go when you step up and put your guns on the rail!   


For the 5 Pin Main Events there are three separate patterns of pin sets.  Everyone will shoot the same pin sets (i.e. set X, set Y and set Z) twice.   The sum of your best 5 of 6 runs is your score with your worst time being used as a tie-breaker.  All pistol events have a 15-second maximum time on any given table.  8 Rounds per gun to start, reload capacity is unlimited. 

Over the years we have seen many calibers attempted to be used on pins.  That said please remember, for all events besides the 9×12 and Pistol Caliber Carbinethe pins MUST be knocked off the table.  Time stops when the last pin hits the ground or backstop.  Whatever caliber you decide to use, please note we recommend first time shooters use full power ammunition.  In our experience lighter competition loads do not clear the pins effectively. The average bowling pin weighs 3 lbs 6 oz and must be moved 3 feet to clear the table.  For more information on effective ammunition please see the Power Factor article on our Media page. 

Blue pins are “innocent bystanders.”  A 5-second penalty will be added to your score if you shoot or tip over an “innocent bystander”. 

Lasers are not allowed on any events.  Kneeling is not allowed on any handgun events. 

Time stops when your last pin hits the ground or the backstop. ALL FEMALE SHOOTERS, IN ALL EVENTS, WILL RECEIVE 1 SECOND OFF THEIR TIME for OSS CLASS SHOOTERS ONLY! 




The four (4) Main Events are listed below, enter as many as you like, however each Main event may only be shot once! Stock and Concealed Carry Guns may be used in Pin and Space gun Main Events.   

STOCK GUN:Any Semi-Automatic, unmodified handgun with Iron sights only (no red dots or optics) and a maximum of a 5-inch barrel. Factory Revolvers having no more than an 8 3/8-inch barrel length, weight no more than 56-ounces are also allowed.  (Same as a 1911 style .45) Mag-Na-Port type ports are allowed, but no heavy grips, wrist weights or pseudo type stocks, or arm braces, etc.  8 rounds per gun to start, reload capacity is unlimited.  Minimum of 30 rounds needed 

 PIN GUN: Same as STOCK GUN except with no barrel length and weight no more than 64-ounces. 8 rounds per gun to start, reload capacity is unlimited.  Minimum of 30 rounds needed 

SPACE GUN:Same as PIN GUN but weight is unlimited and optics are allowed.  rounds per gun to start, reload capacity is unlimited.  Minimum of 30 rounds needed 

CONCEALED CARRY:  Any factory handgun with MAXIMUM 4-inch barrel length rounds per gun to start with unlimited reload capacity.  Firearms can have no modifications other than porting.  .5 Seconds off if using a 3.5 inch barrel and 1 second off if using a 3 inch barrel or less per set.  Minimum of 30 rounds needed. 



Double Take (2-Person Team) 

Two people are facing 13 bowling pins and two innocent bystanders with Stock guns only.  Shot in sets of three runs, best single time wins. 8 rounds per gun to start, reload capacity is unlimited. Switch team members if you must, but only 1 prize per shooter, per event. Minimum of 39 rounds needed. 

Rolling Thunder (3-Person Team Event) 

Two people with shotguns (cylinder bore or tighter chokes only, no diverters allowed) and one with a Stock handgun are facing 24 bowling pins on one table – no “innocent bystanders”.  Shot in sets of three runs, best single time wins.  8 rounds per gun to start, reload capacity is unlimited and there will be 1-second deducted for each pump shotgun used.  Switch team members if you must, but only 1 prize per shooter, per event. Minimum of 72 rounds needed.  Shotguns may use #1, 00 Buck, 000 Buck (Richard’s recommended load) or Slugs.  Use of shot smaller than allowed will result in immediate disqualification from this optional event and all previous scores for this event will be disqualified 

Thunder Struck (Shotgun) 

Pins stare you down.  You have 8 rounds in a semi-auto or pump action shot gun. Three tables of 8 pins per set. #1, 00 Buck, 000 Buck, or Slugs only, iron sights only. 1 Second off if using a pump. Minimum of 24 rounds needed. Use of any shot smaller than allowed will result in immediate disqualification from this optional event and all previous scores for this event will be disqualified.  

Freewheeler (Revolver) 

Starting with only 6 rounds in your revolver, you are facing 8 pins.  Practice your reloading!  8 3/8” barrel limit.  .5 Seconds off if using a 3.5 inch barrel and 1 second off if using a 3 inch barrel or less.  Minimum of 24 rounds needed.  Pin set is the same as Shotgun Event. 

         The Big Push 

You are facing just 3 bowling pins from a distance of 22 feet. They must be knocked back a whopping 14.5 feet! The shooter must start standing with the gun on the rail.  One handgun only, so bring your hand cannons, thunder sticks, and mega-magnums!  The winning caliber will most likely start with a .4 or .5 and end with magnum!  Maximum of 6 rounds. For safety reasons, conventional revolvers or pistols only, no rifle calibers, AK or AR 15 style pistols 



Fast and Furious (9×12) 

You are facing 12 pins and two “innocent bystander” pins. Knock the white pins over starting on the bottom row.  Bottom row must be cleared before moving on to the upper rows.  Any pins left standing on bottom row after moving to higher rows will incur a 5 second penalty. Caliber must be 9mm or larger with unlimited starting magazine capacity.  Stock guns only with no compensators or optics allowed.  Minimum of 36 rounds needed.   

Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) 

You are facing 12 pins and two “innocent bystander” pins. Knock the white pins over starting on the bottom row.  Bottom row must be cleared before moving on to the upper rows.  Any pins left standing on bottom row after moving to higher rows will incur a 5 second penalty. Carbine’s must be chambered in pistol cartridges only of 9mm or larger caliber.  Optics, and muzzle breaks are allowed.  Minimum of 36 rounds needed.


Two people with semi-auto rifles facing 39 sixinch (6”) diameter steel “lollypops” from 60 to 100 yards away.  Optics are allowed and recommended, however irons can get the job done.  The team will start with empty rifles on the table and magazines out.   Maximum capacity is 30 rounds, reloads are permitted. One shooter offhand (free standing with no supports) the other from a benchprone, with sandbags or bipodMinimum of 39 rounds needed.  

Slug Fest (12×8) 

Starting with a shotgun with up to 8 slugs you must knock over 8 steel targets at ranges of 50 to 100 yards off-hand (free standing with no supports). Targets are between 3 and 5 square feet.  Reload as much as you need. Full power slugs that are a minimum of 1oz are recommended.The event starts with loaded shotgun (8 rounds max to start) on the table with the safety on, no support or tube loaders allowed. Optics are allowed, one second off for using iron sights, one additional second off for using a pump shotgun.  Minimum of 8 rounds needed.   


.22 Knocker 

You’re sitting behind your deadly bolt action .22 Sniper rifle with two 25 round magazines. At roughly 90 yards out, lie approximately 20 pin shaped steel targets.  Your enemy will range from 6 inch giants to 3 inch babies and your only mission is to eliminate them all as fast as the crosswinds let you!!!  The house will provide the guns and ammo for this event.  They are right-handed bolt action Ruger Precision rifles with Vortex scopes.  Yes, the rifles are zeroed, no, you don’t get to test shoot them.   Good on a bolt? If not, start practicing!!!  


Man on Man on Man.  Register at the pavilion and join us every other day on the pin range first thing in the morning for a double elimination shoot out for cold hard cash. You’ll be shooting the ALPHA set of the three 5-pin setsSame rules as the main event except you’re fighting for wins.  Be careful, two losses and you’ll become a spectator!  Stock guns only, 5-Pin Stock gun rules apply.  Use of Pin or Space guns will result in immediate disqualification.  CASH PAY-OUTS!!!   




Four Play 

Your rifle (optics are allowed), shotgun and pistol and our full-auto submachine gun.  Start out sitting with your rifle loaded laying on the table. On command you’ll jump to your feet to use your rifle to take out seven 2 inch targets at 80 yards off hand (yep you guessed it, unsupported!), move as fast as you can to pick up your shotgun and eliminate another eight 2 inch targets before picking up your full-auto sub-gun and taking out 5 knock down plates.  Be careful, you only have 25 rounds! Then grab your pistol and finish the round whacking another 5 plates.  There is a 30-round magazine max on rifle (reloads allowed), unlimited on shotgun and pistol.  CASH PAY-OUTS!!! 


Spray and Pray 

One Thompson submachine gun will be provided by the house with one 20 round magazine.  One trigger pull will equal the most fun you’ll have in a few seconds all week!  Ride the iconic sub gun the best you can, and we’ll count the number of hits you make on a standard BB gun target.  CASH PAY-OUTS!!!