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Volunteers are expected to work a minimum of 4 hours per day. For each 4 hour shift, you’ll receive free admittance to one of the optional event shoots. You will also receive a free T-Shirt.


Will work for full day shifts. You will also receive 2 free T-Shirts and meals.


Register shooters. Meet with shooters and their families. Hand out the welcome packets.


Stationed on the firing line. They will record the shooter’s times and set pins between sets. (Minimum Age: 16).

Grounds Crew / Pin Boys

Keeping the range / pavilion area clean and tidy, clean Latrines, garbage detail, restock bowling pins, any other tasks that are needed to run the event.

Gate Security

Stationed at the entrances and exits. Also responsible for getting release form signatures from everyone passing through the gates (all passengers in vehicles).

Kids Club

Provide fun and educational activities for children ages 3-12 during the day. (Minimum Age: 16).

Range Officer

Ensure safe operation of the shooting events.

Medical Officer

On-Call medical responders. (Only active medical personnel need apply)

Retail Store Operator

Responsible for sales of merchandise and ammunition at designated area.

Volunteer / Apply
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