2018 PIN SHOOT DATES – JUNE 8th thru JUNE 15th

THANK YOU for attending our 2017 Pin Shoot, it was a long-awaited reunion for many!  It is impossible for me to describe how difficult it was to get this Pin Shoot up and running after an eighteen year absence with no facilities and very few sponsors.  But now we have a pavilion, a pin range and we are working on getting more prize sponsors.

It was really nice to see how everyone enjoyed the Pin Shoot.  We encountered a few bumps along the way which we are working on resolving before June 8, 2018.

I would also like to thank the following who donated gift certificates and/or product for prizes:

  • Ken Kelly with Mag-Na-Port – gift certificates
  • Don Reichard – gift certificates for gunsmith work
  • Marty Hayes – gift certificates for Legal Defense Fund
  • Ray O’Herron Police Equipment – discounted prices on guns and ammo
  • Carbon Media Group / OutdoorHub – AR-15 magazines
  • Trijicon – MRO sight

Also, a big thank you to our sponsors Teijin Twaron and Armor Express, as well as our builder Mike Walsh Construction and all those who put in numerous hours of work to make the Shoot possible.

For various reasons, we are moving the Pin Shoot back to the original schedule of the second Friday of June.  The 2018 Shoot will be held JUNE 8th thru JUNE 15th.

Everyone remains OSS for 2018.

Entry fees will remain the same for 2018.  We have four separate 5-Pin Main Events available: Stock / Pin / Space / Concealed.  Your choice which events to participate in, but remember, they must be completed before you shoot in any of the Optional categories.

Entry fee for one 5-Pin Main Event is $500, each additional 5-Pin Main Event is $100.  The following are the “early bird” discounted rates:

  • 50% off if paid by December 1st, 2017 (a great Christmas gift!)
  • 40% off if paid by February 1st, 2018
  • 30% off if paid by April 1st, 2018

Coming soon, you may pay online on our website ( or send your check to: Pin Shoot, P.O. Box 545, Central Lake, MI  49622.

Optional Event pricing will also remain the same for 2018: 

  • “Single Table” Options – Big Push / 223×39 / 12×12: $20 per run / “early bird” price: $10 per run
  • “Shot in Sets of Three” Table Options – Team* Events / Shotgun / Revolver / 9×12: $50 per set / “early bird” price: $30 per set
  • * ABOVE TEAM EVENT PRICING IS PER PERSON – must be included and paid with your 5-Pin registration
  • Half-price day for optional event shooting will be Sunday (June 10th) ONLY once all of your 5-pin events are complete. 

Man-On-Man Shoot Offs will be held:

  • Friday (June 8th) – FREE
  • Sunday (June 10th) $25 per shooter
  • Tuesday (June 12th) $25 per shooter
  • Thursday (June 14th) $25 per shooter

We have worked the bugs out of this event and should be good to go for 2018.  Thank you for your patience in 2017!


The 9×13 Tip Over is going to be changed to the 9×12 Tip Over.  There will be three blue “hostage” pins – one right in the middle in each of the three levels.  (Some clever guys figured out that you could hit one of the end pins on the outside edge and have all five pins tip over into each other like falling dominoes.)

The Big Push:  From now on, you will have to stand up to start the event.  I thought it would take you clever guys two years to figure out that starting on your knees with your gun on the rail and hammer cocked was a good strategy.  This will not be allowed in 2018.

Space Guns will NOT be allowed in the Team Events.

Main 5-Pin Event(s) must be completed by end of day Wednesday, June 13th.  Thursday and Friday morning will be reserved for Optional Events only.  Range closes at 12:00pm on Friday, June 15th.   Awards ceremony will be after lunch, APPROXIMATELY at 3:00pm followed by dinner at 6:00pm, times may change based on timeframe of scoring.


For non-registered shooters, we are working on a .22 5-Pin Tip-Over event.  A registered shooter MUST come to the line with the participant.  We will supply the 10-shot revolver (S&W M-17-8) and ammo.  The novice shooters will have 10 shots to tip over 5 pins as fast as they can, but NOT the blue hostages!  More details on this later.

For those who want to practice at home, the table dimensions are:  3 ½-feet x 15-feet; cut into three segments, each about 4-feet 7-inches wide.  Pins to be knocked back three-feet to get off the tables.  Except for the Big Push where the three pins need to be knocked back 14 ½-feet.  The Shooter’s rail is 26-feet from the front edge of the table.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2018!

Richard C. Davis